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From San Francisco's avenues by ocean beach Eva Jay Fortune first hatched Something Big. Kevin Bertness often jammed with Eva Jay and in 1997 began meeting regularly to play the music of Burt Bacharach & Hal David. Kevin played piano and soon they brought in bass player Steve Fowler. Until 1999 Nicky Garratt, dispite living only a couple of blocks away, had not met Eva Jay. Nicky, a long time champion of the Music of Bacharach and David, then joined the sessions. Now dubbed "Something Big" after a late uplifting yet rather rare Bacharach/David song, the group played their first show at a party on 23rd of September 1999.
The set expanded over the years to include songs they simply liked. Now jazz standards, pop, Beatles and even Kraut rock have been brought into the Something Big sound.