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23rd Jan 2014
It's that time again, were off to Frankfurt Germany for the Messe. We will be taking our brand new EP Bonded with us. This is a collection of James Bond Themes Something Big style: Tomorrow Never Dies, (Including Bond Theme), You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger, Skyfall

14th Oct 2013
Rarin' is an EP of rare Bacharach/David songs.

28th Oct 2012
Fowler's vocal debut. Something Big's Steve Fowler, the one with the ludicrously big violin thing, is making his vocal debut playing the Fox on the Bacharach David song After the Fox. This part was originally performed by Peter Sellers on the Hollies recording of the song for the film of the same name. The song appears on our upcoming EP Rarin'.

25th Oct 2012
Finishing touches are being added to the new Ep Rarin' ready for release by the end of the year.

28th Sept 2012
Party time! We had a great time playing in Marin.

7th Sept 2012
We have begun work on the next Ep Rarin' which will collect together fun and often overlooked Bacharach and David songs

5th Sept 2012
We are already confirmed to play at Ambient again in Feburay 2013

2nd Sept 2012
Sad news that the Great Hal David passed away

28th Aug 2012
The last show Tendence in Frankfurt ended what must have been our best trip yet. Over the weekend we all but sold out of CD's

27th Aug 2012
After our contracted five hours we went on to play a reception for half an hour then a two hour party in front of a lively crowd and a backdrop of more than 100,000 euros worth of hand crafted glass lamps.

23th - 26th Aug 2012

The 5 hour per day shows at the Messe was our debut for the new Ep. The CD was a bit of a hit.

21st Aug 2012
Arrived in Frankfurt for pre concert rehearsal after a 3 hour delay

July/Aug 2012
We're in rehearsals for our Frankfurt performances, so we will be unavailable for shows in the US until September

6th July 2012
We had a fun summer show at Sunbolt in Marin

24th June 2012
Our new EP Hatched is now available go to the merchandise page to order the CD or come and see us on July 6th at the friday night jam at Sunnbolt Music in San Rafael (150 Mitchell Blvd Suite 260) and pick one up in person.

8th June 2012
Here's a first glance at our new EP Hatched which should be available next month.

You'd Better Come Home
I Know A Place
Call Me
Bonus Track: Loosey Girls

29th May 2012
Something Big are again booked to play the friday night jam at Sunnbolt Music in San Rafael (150 Mitchell Blvd Suite 260) at 9:30.

6th April 2012
Something Big are booked once more to play the Messe Frankfurt in Germany this summer. More details to come.

5th May 2012
We just played a short set at the friday night jam at Sunnbolt Music in San Rafael (150 Mitchell Blvd Suite 260). We will be doing it again so watch this space.

4th April 2012
Something Big are hard at work on our new "Single" and video. We're not sure what a single means these days but the video "Downtown" is produced by Gary Epting and will surely be headed for youtube.

19th Feb 2012
A lovely return to Frankfurt, this time for the Ambiente trade fare, saw Something Big playing for thousands of wholesale shoppers in the enormous Messe Exhibition facility. There are a few new photos in the gallery.

4th Oct 2011
A little party for Bruce and Steve lured one or two people out to the San Francisco Richmond district, but we were clearly out stripped by the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival just 2 blocks away. However there is a dark side to choosing Robert Plant over Something Big, just keep that in mind next time.

7th Sept 2011
Something Big Play the Bruce Latimer Show.
It was a fun night, but without very good monitors. The voice sounded muffled and the piano was not audible. We also had to make an abrupt end to the last song.

30th August 2011
Frankfurt freak-out.

Something Big play Messe Trade Fair in Frankfurt Germany: 25 hours 5 days.
Click on the photo above for gallery 2 with a lot of pictures from the event including many excelent shots by Ulrich Herding -

17th July 2011
Jay doesn't even drive a car, what were we thinking? Gig in Santa Rosa.


17th March 2009
We have been doing a little recording lately and most of us are busy with other project - we have no gigs for time being.

2nd April 2008
A short note delivered on short notice that the band currently known as Something Big plays Caffe DiVino on Thursday, April 3 starting at 7:00 pm! Nicky's back on guitar, joining Steve on bass and Kevin on piano, who collectively accompany Ms. Eva Jay Fortune on the
vocals. We love playing for the music fans at this great Sausalito restaurant and hope you can stop by for dinner, or at least a glass of wine!

Caffe DiVino is located at 37 Caledonia St. in Sausalito. Telephonic inquiries may be made by dialing 415-331-9355.

And for everything you'd want to know about Something Big, point your browser at And thanks for listening..

23st Dec 2007
We have a show coming up this Thursday at Caffe Divino's (Nicky's back for this one) Meanwhile here's Jay's wine evaluation.
2006 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc - Sonoma County. ***** Perfect Jay wine!

21st Sept 2007
The gig last night went well. We played a few new songs and had fun - particularly when a dog walked in mistaking Steves bass for a tree.

6th July 2007
A couple of weeks back we did our first show without Jay (She may have been washing her hair or something), well, we need not have worried - people went wild. In fact many said it was better without... oh, hi Jay... yeah just updating the site. So last thursdays gig was fun and it was great to have Jay back. Yeah that's it.

12th April 2007
Jays wine evaluation.
Chat De La Croix 05 Medoc CRU Bourgeois - Soft, good tanning. Imagine with food! ***
Ruston Semillon 03 - Full rich but dry. Interesting nose. ***1/2

9th March 2007
Next shows:
March 15th, 29th and April 26th all at Caffe Divino's

7th March 2007
Jays wine evaluation.
Patache d'Aux 03 - Soft. ****
Ruston Savv Blanc 03 - Rich w/ Roasted lemon finish, Precocious ****1/2
Robert Hill, Rhone De Robles 05 - soft, nice finish, berry flavor ****

29th Nov 2006
There's a few new Something Big photos from Divino's in the gallery.

29th Nov 2006
There's a rough Something Big rehearsal video on you tube click here.

3rd Oct 2006
Our next Caffe Divino's shows are Thursday October 5th and October 26th. The band plays three sets starting at 7:00 pm. Caffe DiVino is located at 37 Caledonia Street in Sausalito.
For reservations, call Letizia at 415-331-9355 and tell her "Qualche Cosa di Grande"
sent you.

19th Sept 2006
Our next Caffe Divino's show is coming up again this Thursday, (21st).

4th Sept 2006
Our next Caffe Divino's show is coming up this Thursday.

20th July 2006
Jay just did this interview with the local Sausalito paper Nu Voice.

27th June 2006
The Divino's gig went well last Thursday. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Kevin for finally singing harmony vocals with Jay. I think all agree he did a great job.

17th June 2006
Jays wine evaluation.
Domaine De Pajot 2004 - Oh yeah, 1st rate with grapefruit aftertaste

3rd June 2006
Again Caffe Divino's this coming Thursday.

22nd April 2006
We're back at Caffe Divino's this coming Thursday armed with a couple of new tunes which we went through last night in rehearsal. Let's hope we remember them, (See Jay's wine evaluation). 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito.

22nd April 2006
More wine evaluation from Jay:
Ravens Wood 2003 Old Vine Zin - A lighter style Zin, excellent ***1/2
But that wine rack is looking a bit depleted. How often does Santa come anyway?

14th April 2006
Thank's to everyone who came out to Caffe Divino's last night, it was a really nice night - warm and NO RAIN. We had a ball.

11th April 2006
Jays wine evaluation.
Santa brought Jay and the boys a mixed crate of Trader Joe's finest (budget) wines.

Xono SB - Light grape fruity, delicious! ****
Castoro Syrah - Yum yum ***1/2
Wildhurst SB 2004 - **** (Not really enough for Kev to have 2nd's)
Rodney Strong 2004 - ***1/2
Burgess Zin 2001 - ****

7th April 2006
Next shows:
13th April - Caffe Divino - 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito CA.
27th April - Caffe Divino - 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito CA.
18th May - Caffe Divino - 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito CA.
8th June - Caffe Divino - 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito CA.
22nd June - Caffe Divino - 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito CA.

Eva Jay Fortune: voice
Kevin Bertness: piano
Steve Fowler: bass
Nicky Garratt: guitar

22nd Dec. 1999
Some photos of the Mobius recording session are in the gallery.

20th Dec. 1999
Something Big played another gig this month for Old Navy - without that slacker Nicky who was on tour with the Subs.

11th Nov. 1999
We just finished recording at Mobius Music in San Francisco for the Something Big album. We recorded "Always Something There to Remind Me", "Are You There (With Another Girl", "Here I Am", "My Little Red Book" and "Live Again"

12th Oct. 1999
Tuesdays gig was ok, some estimates were 1,000 people in attendance, I don't know but it was sure packed. The second set was delayed due to the performance of the Chinese dragons, that come in to bring luck to a new business, coming late. What actually happened was one of them got hit by a car outside the venue. Brian (Our technician), pointed out that the dragons may not be so lucky after all. We'll post some photos of the show tonight.

8th Oct. 1999
We all got new music stands yeah! and new shirts that Jay is making us wear Boo! We said NO to the sailor uniforms.