Bruce’s percussive journey started on the steel drums in middle school. The fateful meeting of a conga drum in high school proved to be his true love and lifelong soul mate. In college, Bruce performed and toured with several successful bands including The Kind; a Grateful Dead cover band, Stone Blossom; an original psychedelic rock band, and Ire Vibrations; a reggae band. Finding himself addicted to funk and back in the bay area, Bruce formed Family Funk; a ten piece funk machine that churned out original, P-Funk style, funk. Over the last few years, Bruce’s interest in Latin Jazz flourished and the search for a percussive-based (no drum kit), jazz ensemble became the mission. This and more was found in Something Big. Bruce is now quite content constructing the percussive landscape for this talented group and enjoys the challenges that the Something Big song repertoire offers.

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